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Roadway Engineer Job Posting

Highway and land development engineering, including interchange, street and roadway design, roadway alignments, roundabout design, striping and signing, curb ramp design, storm drainage, right-of-way, grading, drafting, improvement recommendations and analyses.

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Professional Surveyor Job Posting

Operate surveying equipment in performing assigned surveying tasks, and maintain surveying equipment. Prepare surveying proposals. Prepare Right of Way plan documents. Manage and complete surveying projects. Interact with clients.

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Design Engineer Job Posting

Transportation engineering, including street design, storm drainage, sewer, grading, drafting and analyses, traffic signal design, conduct various traffic studies, write and review reports, complete funding applications.

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AutoCAD Survey Technician Job Posting

Basic understanding of civil design, construction plans, and surveying practices to develop, design and plot drawings. Drawing types include plan, profile, cross section, pavement, general notes and summaries.

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Survey/Engineering Technician

Under the supervision of a professional surveyor, the technician will perform topographical survey duties including field and topographic survey, deed research and CAD drafting. Additional duties of engineering technician will be performed under the supervision of a professional engineer and will include performing manual or mechanical traffic counts, field traffic data collections and CAD drafting.

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