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2022 Grant Assistance


TEC proudly assisted clients win more than $17.6 million in 2022! Our team provided funding assistance with the following projects: Dry Fork Road Interchange City of Harrison, Ohio $4.5 million (STBG) $750,000 (TSMO) $250,000 (TID) Sycamore Township Preemption Sycamore Township, Ohio $658,555 (STBG) Mason Montgomery & Tylersville Road Intersection City of Mason,

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We’re Hiring!


TEC is hiring a Design Engineer! Learn more and apply here: Questions? Contact Julie Burkart, HR Manager at

We’re Hiring!2022-10-24T11:05:18+00:00

2020 HSIP Grants


Our team worked with local jurisdictions to secure ODOT Safety Funds for seven (7) projects in 2020. TEC was glad to collaborate with these entities to improve safety. The projects include the following: HAM CR 23 1.42, West Road Improvements – City of Harrison: Street lighting and a sidewalk on West Road and I-74 bridge widening.

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Connected Signal Systems


Traffic signal improvements are some of the most common and cost-effective means for relieving congestion, stopped delays, and travel times along a corridor and throughout a municipality. One such improvement is an interconnected traffic signal system. This is a system that creates the infrastructure for communication between each traffic signal controller and typically a remote

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Origin-Destination Studies


An origin-destination study is used for planning purposes to determine traffic patterns along a given route or set of routes. All traffic patterns (or a sample of specified traffic patterns) are collected using a variety of methods. Anonymous data from a driver’s smart phone, license plate readers or aerial tracking via drone can be utilized

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2019 Grant Assistance


Congratulations to Hamilton, Florence/Boone County, and Springdale for receiving OKI CMAQ/STP funding. TEC had the pleasure of assisting these communities with their grant applications.  In addition, TEC assisted Fairfield County and Marietta with HSP and CMAQ funding applications.

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ADA Transition Plan


Did you know that any public entity with 50 or more employees must meet requirements set forth by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Requirements include designating an ADA coordinator, establishing a grievance procedure, establishing a transition plan, and performing periodic self-evaluations. To ensure all persons have accessibility to public goods and

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Dayton Strong


The tragic events that took place in Dayton just a few days ago sadden us all. We feel deep compassion for the victims and their friends, family and loved ones. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Dayton. Click here to learn how to help the victims and families of the Oregon District tragedy.

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Good to Know: Why Manage Assets?


Do you have culvert records in a filing cabinet, sign records in an old database program, pavement condition records in a shapefile, and guardrail records in Excel? When repaving a road, wouldn’t you like your crews to know about the failing culvert located underneath so it can be replaced while the road is being repaved?

Good to Know: Why Manage Assets?2019-07-26T09:29:51+00:00

TEC’s Certified Drone Pilots


Two of our employees (Kellie Linville and Ahmad Saleh) have acquired Remote Pilot Licenses from the FAA. TEC is now able to fly drones for commercial purposes! With over 160 flights recorded to date, our pilots have experience in traffic monitoring, survey, traffic counts, project tracking and more. Our pilots are familiar with FAA rules

TEC’s Certified Drone Pilots2019-10-22T12:28:28+00:00
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