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TEC provided surveying services to Wade Trim for the MSD Upper Duck Bundle as part of the existing Wet Weather Improvement Plan (WWIP). This project involved utility coordination, field surveys, base map development, and easement plat development. Field reconnaissance and planimetric surveys were completed for proposed elimination and separation sewers, and provided a structure survey for CSO regulators in the project area. The field surveys were conducted at several locations varying from commercial/industrial sites, along public roadways, and over open terrain. Our staff collected invert information for street catch basins, driveway drains, sewer manholes, trees, and all utilities along sewer alignments. Our survey team provided: utility research and coordination, “critical point” surveys at key locations early in the planning process, sewer surveys, CSO storage tank site surveys, visual condition inspection of CSO regulator structures, GPS field surveys, easement plats and calculations, easement and appropriation plats, topographic field surveys of geotechnical boring locations, and AutoCAD basemaps. All work was conducted and imported into CAD drawings using MSD standards.

Project Owner: MSD of Greater Cincinnati

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