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Snider Road Roundabouts Survey (PID #100882)

As a subconsultant to Strand, TEC provided surveying, lighting and right of way design services for the Mason Roundabouts project. TEC conducted a field survey of two roundabout locations: Snider Road & Thornberry Court and Snider Road & Mason Road. The survey involved location of all topographical features, such as: pavement, curbs, utilities, pavement markings, sidewalks, public and private signs, vegetation, and structures. Our survey team located existing property and right of way monumentation to accurately establish right of way and property lines along with several easements of various types.  TEC is scoped to provide right of way plan design and development services for the two roundabout locations. All work was performed and documented in accordance to ODOT criteria with all necessary plans and descriptions included.

Project Owner: City of Mason, Ohio

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