Middletown Railroad Preemption Signal Plan Update

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Middletown Railroad Preemption Signal Plan Update

This project was performed under a Statewide Railroad Preemption contract as a subconsultant to CTC, Inc. TEC prepared a signal plan update for railroad preemption design in the City of Middletown, Ohio. The project area is located on N University Boulevard between Manchester Avenue and Woodlawn Ave. There are four intersections that operate from three controllers. The railroad runs north-south along the west side of N University Boulevard and when the preemption is activated, blank out signs restrict turns onto side streets that would cross the railroad track. Signal phasing also adjusts during the preemption period to optimize traffic movements that do not conflict with the railroad.  TEC verified the existing signal phasing and modified the plans to address the indicator panel, blank out signs and phasing. In addition, 22 intersections were included in the plans for controller replacement and wireless interconnection installation. The City requested that an additional 25 intersections be included for potential controller replacement and wireless interconnect installation. Construction plans and cost estimates were submitted to CTC, ORDC and the City of Middletown.

Project Owner:  ODOT

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