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GRE-Central Avenue Interconnect (PID 84999)

TEC prepared design plans for the creation of a closed loop traffic signal system along Central Avenue. The project included five traffic signals along Central Avenue. TEC completed a full system analysis at the onset of the project including field inspections, scope refinement, traffic signal warrants, and future timing plan development for all project intersections. TEC worked with the City throughout the design to meet the overall goals of the project while providing the most cost effective solution to meet project budgetary constraints. The final system included 5 radio interconnected traffic signals. The project included the design of local intersection upgrades including traffic signal controllers, vehicular signal heads, pedestrian facilities and detection upgrades. TEC also provided design coordination to assist City and ODOT efforts associated with the SR 444 relocation project. TEC also assisted the City in the preparation of the bid package during the bidding phase of the project.

Project Owner:  City of Fairborn, Ohio

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