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Grant Services

TEC assists clients by identifying and applying for grants to cover the costs of projects. Our team frequently identifies grant opportunities, prepares and submits applications, and provides grant fund administration/coordination for municipal and county clients.

Our services include:

  • Grant applications, preparation and submittal
  • CEAO grants
  • STP, CMAQ and TAP grants
  • Safety grants
  • OTSO (Ohio Traffic Safety Office) grants
  • HSP Grants

Grant Assistance Breakdown

CMAQ/STP/SNK: $83,004,514
HSP: $23,744,509
CEAO: $1,701,363
TE/TA: $3,337,181
OPWC: $6,048,255
Small Cities: $1,178,000
OTSO: $1,130,032
Miscellaneous: $10,000
Grant dollars secured (and counting)
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