Good to Know: Why Manage Assets?

//Good to Know: Why Manage Assets?

Good to Know: Why Manage Assets?

Do you have culvert records in a filing cabinet, sign records in an old database program, pavement condition records in a shapefile, and guardrail records in Excel?

When repaving a road, wouldn’t you like your crews to know about the failing culvert located underneath so it can be replaced while the road is being repaved?

Save time and money repairing your assets by compiling all your data into one place. Whether it is a GIS program, Excel, or a very organized filing cabinet, choose a single location where a person can quickly view all maintained assets and the condition rating of each. Designating someone to oversee the assets is another important step to managing them. A person or team should be responsible for keeping updated records in your chosen location.

Don’t have the funds? You are in luck if you are a County Engineer in Ohio! The County Engineer Association of Ohio offers 90% funding for signs, guardrail, pavement markings, no passing zones, roadside hazards, and ball bank studies. Act now, applications are due July 31st!

Not a County Engineer? Find ways to modify existing budgets to include small portions of asset management, and as your field crews complete projects or have slow months, they can collect new data. Start by establishing data to collect, naming conventions, and condition ratings.

Taking small steps now can lead to huge savings down the road!

July 12, 2019 | Written by Kellie Linville, PE


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