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Glendale-Milford Road & US 42 Traffic Signals (PID 86898)

TEC assisted the Village of Evendale in obtaining a $2.8 million dollar CMAQ grant from OKI. TEC subsequently prepared the necessary studies (signal warrants, etc.), construction drawings and specifications for the upgrade and installation of a closed-loop traffic signal system with fiber optic interconnect on Glendale-Milford and Reading Road in the Village of Evendale Hamilton County, Ohio. The project includes a total of 14 intersections along these roadways including fiber optic interconnect and the installation of four incident management cameras. The project also included curb ramps and pedestrian pushbuttons for ADA compliance, where applicable. The project was in adherence to the ODOT Local Let Process and it included the 23 CFR 940 documentation.

Project Owner: Village of Evendale, Ohio

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