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GRE-Beavercreek Signals Phase II (PID 86976)

TEC was responsible for the preparation of construction drawings and specifications for the installation of fiber optic cable along various roads in the City of Beavercreek. This project included the upgrade and connection of 31 intersections to the City’s fiber optic network. Local intersection upgrades included controller/cabinet replacement, LED traffic signal heads (with backplates, where applicable), countdown pedestrian signal heads, pushbuttons, upgraded detection, curb ramp upgrades, and the installation of battery backup systems. This project also included the design of a new traffic signal at the Dayton-Xenia Road and Stedman Lane intersection. The fiber optic network designed as a part of this project provides the required communications for the traffic signal system and also provides interconnection between various City facilities located throughout the project area.

Project Owner: City of Beavercreek, Ohio

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