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Muddy Creek Bike Path (Ph I & II) (PID 77800, 83676)

TEC assisted the City of Mason in securing a Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant from OKI Regional Council of Governments to construct a new bike path. During Phase I, our project team developed construction contract plans for the Muddy Creek Bike Path, connecting Mason Montgomery Road to the Pine Hills Park. The Phase I design consisted of a 3,300′ bike path and pedestrian bridge over Muddy Creek. TEC worked with Mason staff and the Sanitary Sewer Consultant to ensure that construction of the bike path and a new sanitary sewer would occur seamlessly. This included the installation design of easily adjustable sanitary sewer manholes and the relocation coordination of a gas line and several utility poles. TEC also assisted Mason in securing additional TE funds to construct Phase II, which extended the path another 6,100′ and included additional bridge and culvert installations. Additionally, our team prepared an Ecological Memorandum of Agreement for Phase II of the project. In fulfillment of this task, TEC provided field work for a report on the future bike path along with a study of three alternative path alignments. The Muddy Creek Bike Path was constructed as part of a Bike Path Master Plan in hopes of connecting many of the City’s parks and recreation areas through multi-modal transportation.

Project Owner: City of Mason, Ohio

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