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ITS Asset Collection (PID 108427)

TEC is working with WSP to inventory state-maintained ITS (intelligent transportation system) devices throughout Ohio for ODOT. These devices include CCTV, Dynamic Message Sign (DMS), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), Ramp Meter, Stand Along Cabinets, Queue Warning Systems (QWS) and more. The purpose of this project is to provide ODOT with a complete and comprehensive database for its statewide ITS infrastructure. The data to be inventoried for each ITS device includes a mapped location, pictures, and specific details that vary by device type. Any related cabinets, pull boxes or power services are also to be included in the inventory.

TEC will utilize ESRI’s ArcGIS Collector application to collect data. The data will then be available to ODOT to incorporate into their GIS network.

In addition to ITS devices, existing underground power and communication lines are to be inventoried. Where available, fiber optic underground cable is also to be included in the inventory. Fiber optic cable is present in Columbus and Cincinnati. TEC will work with WSP to accurately inventory all ITS devices in the Cincinnati area in a safe and timely manner.

Project Owner: ODOT

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