Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation, Dayton Freeway Management, ITS

TEC specializes in a wide array of professional services supporting the planning, design, and management of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and localized solutions for advanced traffic and incident management capabilities. For more information, check out TEC’s ITS service fact sheet or contact us.

TEC offers unique capabilities, services and products for ITS and advanced traffic management, including:

ITSArchitectureDevelopmentEarly DeploymentStudiesITS Design & Specifications23 CFR 940 Compliance

ITS Operations Management

ITS Device Maintenance/Inspection

Incident Management Plans

Closed Loop Signal System Operations

Central Based TrafficControlSystemsWirelessCommunicationsFiber Optic CommunicationsTraffic Data Collection

ReACTS™ (Remote Accident Capture and Alert System)

Mobile Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)/Radar