TEC Engineering, Inc. provides a wide range of traffic engineering, civil engineering and surveying services for our clients in the Midwestern United States and Internationally. We have built a team with over 400 years of industry experience and a wide array of industry certifications. Click here to check out our core services sheet.


Traffic Engineering

TEC provides traffic engineering and intelligent transportation solutions to a variety of clients on the federal, state, local, and commercial levels.

Intelligent Transportation, Dayton Freeway Management, ITS

Intelligent Transportation Systems

TEC Engineering, Inc. specializes in a wide array of professional services supporting the planning, design, and management of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Planning, Urban Planning, Design, Roadway


TEC is capable of facilitating the planning and entitlement process required by local jurisdictions for development.

Sign Inventory, Retroreflectivity, Transportation Asset Management Planning

Transportation Asset Management Planning

TEC has helped several clients create effective Transportation Asset Management Plans, implement transportation asset management systems and develop information to make performance-based decisions on their transportation assets.

Civil Engineering, Site Development

Civil Engineering

TEC provides civil engineering, as well as zoning, planning and compliance services to clients on the federal, state, local and commercial levels.

Metropolitan Sewer District, Survey, Surveying


TEC has Professional Surveyors and Certified Survey Technicians on staff to provide services to clients at the federal, state, local and commercial levels.

Lighting Design, Highway Lighting

Lighting Design and Inspection

TEC specializes in Lighting Design and Signal Inspection. We have experienced professionals that understand all aspects of lighting and signal projects from inception through construction.