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Thought Leadership. TEC has a comprehensive staff that includes professionals experienced in design, construction AND operations, including modern traffic control and communications systems that provide advanced detection and monitoring capabilities. This fusion of expertise enables us to create designs that are constructible and maintainable – two very important features in long-term asset planning. Our professional staff brings together unique and diverse backgrounds in design, construction, inspection, operations, maintenance and construction management. Collectively, our staff has 400 years of experience dedicated to these fields. We hire, retain and grow thought leaders as part of our culture – it’s simply who we are.

Client Advocacy. TEC’s mission statement exemplifies our core purpose: to provide excellent service to our clients, maintain a professional working environment for our staff, and be a productive member of our community. In keeping with this mission, TEC has established partnerships with many local communities to improve safety and traffic conditions in local neighborhoods; provided free educational workshops on traffic/transportation issues to community officials and police that enforce traffic laws; sponsored many community events and fundraisers; provided traffic management assistance to communities during special events; and to date, has assisted local communities in the identification and procurement of more than 50 million dollars in grant funding for safety and infrastructure improvement projects. We take the time to develop relationships with our clients that extend beyond a handshake and a paycheck. Our project managers and marketing personnel get to know our clients by communicating openly and frequently about the client’s needs, goals and objectives. By taking a hands-on, personal approach to client interaction, TEC has consistently achieved excellent customer satisfaction ratings and reviews and has seen an impressive rate of repeat business from regular clients such as ODOT, the City of Cincinnati, City of Mason, City of Springdale, and the City of Marietta to name a few. Our current ODOT consultant evaluation rating stands at 88% – well above the statewide average for consulting services.

Innovation. Experience coupled with a culture of growth and learning empowers TEC to develop new approaches, methods and tools that are vital in a rapidly changing world. Our staff are encouraged to “think different” and pursue new ideas as part of their daily routine. This has resulted in the development of multiple technologies such as ReACTS (Remote Accident Capture and Alert System) and Mobile Equipment Platform (MEP). TEC invests in research and development as part of its overall strategy and holds innovation as a core company value. Through client and employee feedback, monitoring industry trends, and partnering with like-minded institutions, TEC has put a priority on solving problems with new methods and technologies. It is common practice at TEC to look toward the future when solving the problems of today.