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Clermont County ITS Phase 1, 2 (PID 92098) and 3 (PID 104712)

During Phase 1, TEC prepared construction plans for the design of signal system interconnect to combine two traffic signal systems. Our team provided intersection analysis to develop traffic signal timing plans for the newly coordinated system. This phase included intersection counts, traffic signal retiming, and travel time studies along Eastgate Boulevard, Old SR 74, Eastgate South Drive, and Clepper Lane.

Phase 2 involved evaluating and updating 55 traffic signals to continue development of a county-wide ITS System. Inventory and evaluation of the signals guided the dynamic planning and design process. Improvements included optimized signal timing, adaptive signal control, signal controller equipment upgrades, installation of LED signal heads, installation of pedestrian signal heads, a central-based signal system, radar-based detection equipment, battery backup systems, and various communication methodologies. This project also involved completion of a CFR 940 ITS Document and utilized Turbo Architecture to modify the regional ITS architecture to include the Clermont system.

Phase 3 involved upgrading 21 traffic signals in Eastgate and Miami Township. Several signals in the Eastgate area were equipped with video detection and fiber optic interconnection. Seven intersections were rehabbed, and preemption was added at 69 signals. In addition, 20 mid-block crossings were analyzed, and design provided for RRFB and other safety upgrades. TEC signal inspectors performed field inspection of the existing pull boxes and conduit to determine if the existing conduit system had the capacity to accept the proposed fiber. TEC also evaluated the proposed fiber routed to determine the most efficient fiber installation method, either underground or on existing utility poles.

Project Owner:¬†Clermont County Engineer’s Office, Ohio

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