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Carothers Road Profile Improvements

This project involved improvements to the vertical profile of Carothers Road for nearly 1,000 linear feet. The existing profile of the roadway was causing issues with sight distance, safety and drainage, all of which were addressed with the design. The roadway design included raising the grade of the road six feet, grade maintenance for the intersections at the beginning and end of the project, and reconstructing commercial drives to meet the new profile. Additional work included a full traffic signal reconstruction for a reconfigured intersection, access management improvements, aesthetic amenities, rebuilding the existing subsurface drainage system, maintenance of traffic during construction, and coordination with utility companies. As part of the design, TEC was responsible for producing plans to replace two water mains (8″ high pressure and 12″ normal pressure) which would have been too deep with the additional roadway fill. TEC worked with the Northern Kentucky Water District to complete the plans in less than two weeks and to maintain the existing water mains during construction. We also coordinated with adjacent developments and property owners to accommodate the concurrent roadway and driveway improvements.

Carothers Road Phase II

TEC subsequently completed the next phase of the Carothers Road project. This phase consisted of final engineering design and construction plans for Carothers Road between Monmouth Street and the Newport Plaza. This project included roadway design, streetscape design, pavement markings and signing, access management recommendations and driveway apron replacement, replacement of existing drainage structures, and maintenance of traffic. TEC also completed traffic signal design for two intersections.

Project Owner: City of Newport, Kentucky

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