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Butler Street Traffic Impact Study

City of Marietta, Ohio

Project Description:

The City of Marietta has hired a consultant to prepare a Traffic Impact Study regarding the possible closure of Butler Street between Fourth Street and Seventh Street on the Marietta College campus. This study includes analysis of elements such as:

  • Origin and destination of traffic within the study area. (Where is the traffic headed? Could other routes serve it as well?)
  • Potential re-routing of traffic due to the closure. (What other streets would need to absorb the traffic? What might need to be done to prepare them?)
  • Potential traffic impact of future development within and around the Marietta College campus. (Is the street network adequate for the future?)
  • Impacts to all affected intersections, including signal timing, storage capacity, geometric improvements and safety considerations. (What engineering or operational measures should be considered, now and in the future?)
  • Impact of special events at Marietta College based on existing and future traffic data. (Might special operations be needed when special events occur?)

TEC Engineering, Inc., will be conducting this Traffic Impact Study. Our goal is to keep the community and all interested parties fully informed as the study progresses. Please check this website regularly for updates.

Project Location:

Data Collection


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